Enrolments for 2020



Complete an Application for Enrolment Form which is included on this site.

Read the documents referred to on Page 8 of the Application form. These documents can be accessed on the College website www.boscocollege.nsw.edu.au and the Sydney Catholic Schools website sydcatholicschools.nsw.edu.au as well as the enclosed pamphlet. 

Please ensure that you have ticked the relevant boxes on Page 8 of the Application for Enrolment form and ensure that both parents (if applicable) have signed and dated the document.

Attach copies of the following documents to the Enrolment Form.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Citizenship documentation (where applicable)
  • Evidence of time out of the country eg passport, plane tickets, overseas school reports (where applicable)
  • Most recent previous School Report and external test results (where applicable)
  • Relevant Family court Orders (where applicable)
  • Relevant medical and/or special needs information including clinical/educational assessments (where applicable)
  • Immunisation Certificate (primary school applications only)  

Complete and return the Application for Enrolment form and copies of documents to the College Office together with the $100 application fee which covers administrative costs. This fee is non-refundable.



Please note that the closing date will be strictly applied.

(Applications due - Friday April 6th)

Late applications will only be considered after all applications received by the closing date have been fully processed.

Late applications may be placed on the waiting list.



Year 7 2020

Closing Date for Applications

Friday 6th April 2018

Enrolment Interviews 3:30pm – 7pm (College Hall)

Thursday 24th May 2018

Offer of Enrolment posted

Week ending 15th June 2018

Educational Testing Day 9am to 1pm (College Hall)

Wednesday 16th October 2019

Orientation Day 9am – 12pm

Thursday 21st November 2019

Orientation Evening for Parents & Students 7pm

Thursday 21st November 2019

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