Debating is the art of constructive and influential argument. The ability to speak well in public, the ability to plan an argument and the ability to use evidence to prove that argument, are skills that are held in high esteem across the wider community. Debating has the added advantage of enhancing the qualities necessary to be an effective team member, as each speaker plays an important role in influencing the ultimate decision that the adjudicator will make.

Debating at St John Bosco College is an activity that is open to students in Years 7 to 10. We participate in the Sutherland Shire Debating Competition and over the years our debating teams have had their fair share of success. In 2010, our debaters achieved a milestone not seen before at the College, winning both the junior and the senior competitions. Consequently, St John Bosco College has an extraordinary reputation in this prestigious competition.

Debating is an activity which is both challenging and fun. Our debaters, while developing skills that significantly improve their academic performance, form firm friendships that they will remember beyond their school years.

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