Public Speaking

Public Speaking is offered at St John Bosco College to help students develop confidence, self-esteem and fluency in speaking, and to foster analytical thinking and a broader awareness of public events and issues. Public Speaking aids students in developing the ability to communicate their ideas to an audience in an informative, entertaining or persuasive manner, depending on the purpose of the speech, the occasion and the audience.

St John Bosco College has a strong tradition in Public Speaking and has, in recent years, gone from strength to strength in this incredibly valuable co-curricular activity. The College’s Public Speaking Program is open to students from Years 7 to 12 and students have the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions, some of which offer opportunities to progress to national or even international levels. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in the Rostrum Voice of Youth, Legacy, Plain English Speaking, the United Nations Youth Association, the Lion’s Club Youth of the Year and Sutherland Shire Public Speaking Competitions.

Through teacher, ex-student and peer mentoring, students are taught how to present prepared and impromptu speeches. They are instructed in aspects of speaking that include how to structure and enliven the material in a speech, and how to achieve an engaging delivery.

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