eLearning at St John Bosco College

eLearning at St John Bosco College attempts to create a learning environment supported by continuously evolving, creative and collaborative processes. These are focused on enhancing student achievement through engagement and individualised learning opportunities.
eLearning makes use of a range of digital technologies including computers, peripherals, communication devices and the Internet.

In order to support student learning in this context, St John Bosco College is a 1-to-1 laptops school, with each student provided with a HP laptop, access to the internet via our College wireless network, and the provision of a range of electronic resources. The College is committed to providing students and staff with the latest in technology and resources:

  • Sophisticated College Network Infrastructure
  • Cisco Wireless Network
  • Range of network and internet resources
  • 1 to 1 Laptop program for students
  • SmartBoards and multimedia equipment in all classrooms
  • Video Conferencing facilities
  • College Help Desk facilities
  • Digital Video Library accessible from home
  • Overdrive digital eBook Library
  • and many more ...
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