HSC Results for 2014


 Most consistent high performing Catholic Secondary School in the Archdiocese for the past 6 years



  • 94% of subjects scored above State average
    57 Band 6’s (score of 90+)
    271 Band 5’s (score of 80-89)
    55% of results Bands 5 and 6
    7 Band 6s in English
    20 Band 6s in Mathematics Courses
    93% of subjects scored above State average
  • 63 Band 6’s (score of 90+, 12.2% of results)
  • 237 Band 5’s (score of 80-89, 46.6% of results)
  • 59% of results Bands 5 and 6
  • 7 Band 6s in Music
  • 6 Band 6s in Mathematics General 2, Business Studies, SOR 1
  • 5 Band 6s in Design and Technology


Archdiocese/Regional/Shire Comparisons

[% of subjects above State Average]

Top 3 schools in the Archdiocese for subjects above State average

[out of 52 Secondary schools]

 1st in Southern Region

1st Catholic School in Sutherland Shire

2nd High School in Sutherland Shire



ATAR Highlights

13 Students with ATARs above 90

50% of students received ATARs of 80 or above

Other Highlights

Selection for “Callback” (Dance)

Madison Foster


Selection for “Encore” (Music)

Hayden Smith


Selection for “Art Rules”

Loren Desbruslais

Emily Platteel


“DesignTech” Nominations

Jaimie Woodard

Anneleise Gagen


All-Round Achievers List

(Band 6 in every subject)

Jackson McKinley


Summary of HSC Results can be accessed below:

2014 HSC Results Summary

Bosco College 2014 HSC Results and Dux Assembly

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