The Pastoral Care Support System is a framework for both merit and management aspects of the system.

Merit System

The Merit System affirms students who strive to achieve personal excellence in many areas of College life and within the wider community. Merits are intended to recognise effort and may be given for academic achievement, high standards of behaviour and uniform, sporting achievements, service to others, honesty, participation, etc.

Year 7 and 8

When students have received 20 merit cards they can apply to their Year Coordinator for a Year Coordinator's Award which will be presented at a Year Assembly.

Once a student has three Year Coordinator's Awards they may apply to Pastoral Care Coordinator for the Principal's Award. At a whole school assembly the student receiving the award will be presented to the Principal by their Year Coordinator.

Years 9 to 11

The same procedure as above is followed, except ten merit cards and five Year Coordinator's Awards respectively are awarded before receiving the Principal's Award.

Year 12

The same procedure as above is followed, except Year 12 only requires four Year Coordinator's Awards before being eligible for the Principal's Award.

Caution System

The Caution System is intended to keep students on task whilst enabling them to accept ultimate responsibility for their own actions. For a range of issues teachers may issue cautions, some of which might include incomplete work, lateness to class, failure to bring books/equipment, uniform infringements, not having the diary signed, etc. Cautions will be recorded in students‚ diaries and once six have been issued, an after-school detention will follow. Once that detention is completed the tally returns to zero, as it does at the start of each term. Students must have their diary with them each day and failure to present the College diary upon request results in an automatic after-school detention.