Pastoral Class

Each student belongs to a Pastoral Class - vertical system - a range of students from Years 7 - 12. The pastoral teacher is a person in a significant relationship of care of the student.

Year Coordinator

The Year Coordinator has the specific role of nurturing the community of the Year Group and overseeing the care of students in that year.

Pastoral period

One period a week is set aside for a pastoral period. This involves the following:

  • Year Group meetings;
  • House meetings;
  • School assemblies;
  • Pastoral class.


Transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is a structured program, consisting of liaison with primary schools, parents‚ information evening and orientation day.

The Student Diary System

The diary system is an important means of communication between parents and teachers. It also serves as a record of the frequency and nature of such communication. Students should record all homework and assignments in their diaries. Students are to have their diaries signed weekly by their parents. Pastoral Teachers will check the diary once a week.

The student diary is a ready means of identification which provides the name of a contact person and phone number in case of emergency.