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Students and staff at St John Bosco College are provided with opportunities to deepen and strengthen their faith through a wide-range of retreats and faith formation opportunities.

The various camps and retreat experiences offered aim to:

  • provide students with the time to reflect on God and on life, to be creative, and to interact with others in a Christian context;
  • allow students the opportunity of making choices in an environment of guidance, discussion and prayer;
  • provide a climate where students can review their personal faith in the context of the whole Christian story;
  • ensure a memorable experience of school community, where the individual person is valued and communal experiences of liturgy, celebration and reflection are highlighted.

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The Year 7-9 camp programs, while mainly focused on developing the students’ team building and survival skills, also contain liturgical components. In Year 7, students celebrate an orientation mass, in Year 8 a meditation around a camp fire, and in Year 9 an outdoor mass during our farm visit to Picton.

Year 7-12 Retreat Experiences:

Year 7-9 Camps – Liturgical Component

Year 10 Retreat – Vision Valley [2 Days]

"Who Am I & What are My Gifts"

Year 11 Retreat – National Park [2 Days]

"Jesus as Leader; Me as Leader"

Year 12 Retreat – Stanwell Tops [3 Days]

"We Are God’s Work of Art"

All experiences are centred on the teachings of Jesus Christ and St John Bosco, our patron saint.

For our senior students, various overnight retreat opportunities are offered as part of the Religious Education program.

Our Year 10 students explore who they are and the gifts and qualities that God has given them.

In Year 11, there is a strong emphasis on helping students build their leadership qualities by exploring how Jesus, Don Bosco and our other house patrons modelled quality leadership.

Our retreat experience draws to a close in Year 12 with a three day retreat where students delve into the concept that we are God’s work of art. For years, this retreat has left a large imprint in the hearts of students and is one that is always discussed and fondly remembered for years after the students leave school.

Other faith formation opportunities are organised by the College and both the Catholic Education Office, Sydney and the Salesians of St John Bosco. Some of these include:

  • World Youth Day Experience
  • Samoan Immersion Program
  • Oz Bosco
  • Year 9, 10 and 11 Evangelisation Experiences
  • Salesian Leadership Camps
  • Social Justice Team
  • Lenten Groups
  • Prayer Groups
  • Staff Spirituality Afternoons

In Term 3 each year the staff is involved in a deeply spiritual reflection day to guide them in their own faith journey and thus model good Christian values to the students in their care.