Bosco Educational Enterprises (BEE) is a voluntary organisation working with the Principals of St John Bosco College and St John Bosco Primary School to enhance the educational opportunities available to students.

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St John Bosco sought to educate young people to be honest citizens and good Christians. This remains the aim of Bosco Primary and Bosco College. In order to achieve, Bosco Educational Enterprises seeks to enter into partnership with the parents and students as well as the local business, trade and professional community.

Parents of the two Bosco schools receive a copy of the BEE Directory each year. BEE actively encourages parents to support the businesses advertised within the directory and to ask for a Bosco voucher when they shop - this is a practical way of acknowledging the support of local businesses.

All funds raised by the Directory are targeted to supporting projects that have a direct educational benefit to students. Often times the project supported would not be possible without the sponsorship of BEE. Thus, local businesses contribute towards offering students opportunities that they may not otherwise have.

Such examples of cooperation and collaboration are a sign of the times - the whole community working together to benefit the young. The overall welfare and education of young people cannot be left to families and schools alone - the whole community has a responsibility to ensure that young people are able to grow and mature within the context of a supportive community.

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