St John Bosco Parish Engadine was established as a parish in 1947. Prior to that it formed part of the Sutherland parish. After the war, Engadine's population started to increase gradually with crown land being designated for residential development and some young couples deciding to begin their married life in affordable circumstances did so in Engadine. For most of the first decade of the parish's life, Mass was celebrated in the George Nathan Hall on the site of present day Bosco College and from the mid 1950's until the completion of the shrine of St. John Bosco in 1967, the main Mass Centre was Boys' Town Chapel. Mass was also celebrated at Heathcote regularly in the old Church.

In the 1960's the population began to increase quite rapidly and Fr. Ciantar's vision of a great monument to St. John Bosco in Engadine showed great faith and foresight as the surrounding districts continued to increase in population.

First Engadine and Heathcote took off in the 60's and the Yarrawarah area opened up in the 1970's and Woronora Heights was developed in the 1980's with new houses still being built to this very day.

In the 2001 census the total population of the Engadine district stood at 29,023. In Sydney there are approximately 30% who are Catholic so carrying those figures into the local area, there are approximately 9000 Catholics, at least nominal in the parish.

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