Examination style tasks aim to mirror the conditions, challenges and expectations that students will face during their Higher School Certificate Examination period and therefore are an essential preparatory tool. As such, the College incorporates the practices and procedures set down by the Board of Studies with regards to the conduct of students when sitting any examinations from Years 7 to 12.


The procedures for examination preparation and entry are:

  • students will be in full school uniform for all examinations;
  • students must line up quietly outside the examination room;
  • all equipment and writing implements must be in a clear plastic case or sleeve;
  • mobile phones and personal music devices players of any kind are not permitted in examination rooms;
  • no school bags are permitted in examination rooms (other than the Hall), therefore laptops are not to be brought to school during exam blocks;
  • students are to silently enter examination rooms when instructed by a teacher.

During Examination

The practices and expectations of the College for students when sitting an examination are:

  • check the examination they are sitting is the correct one and make any alterations or additions as instructed;
  • write their full name and teacher’s name on the front of each section and any loose pages that may eventuate (Years 10-12 will write their student numbers in place of their name);
  • concentrate on their own examination and are not permitted to communicate (verbally or non-verbally) in any way with other students;
  • respect the examination and its purpose and will not graffiti or mark the paper inappropriately;
  • make a serious attempt at all questions and sections of the examination;
  • abide by the Academic Integrity Policy of the College and sit all examinations honestly and without advantage.

Post Examination

All students will receive feedback on each examination sat, that details the mark or grade achieved and the marking criteria and/or comments. Examination answers and question papers should be kept by the student for study and revision purposes.