Each student is expected to abide by the reasonable expectations set out by each subject teacher.

Each student will be expected to complete each assessment task and assignment as set out by each subject and within this handbook, along with other tasks that the teacher presents to students along the way. Note that this expectation will be maintained even after the assessment has been marked and grades/marks awarded. That is even if a student does not present a piece of assessment on the due date without a valid reason, it is expected that the student will complete the task in all cases. This may involve students doing so this as part of a Tuesday afternoon Detention or via another means as indicated by the class teacher. Non completion notes will also be sent home to parents/carers for signing.

Assessment Tasks are to be submitted at the start of the subject on the day they are due. If students do not have that subject on the due date then it must be submitted no later than 3.20pm that day (note: practical works/projects as required by some subjects such as Visual Arts are to be submitted by 8.50am the morning of the due date).

Penalty for late submission of work (without a valid reason, such as a medical reason or those involving misadventure) involves the student being penalised 20% of attained mark for the first day late, 40% of attained mark if two days late and a score of zero after the second day (noting that weekends count as 2 days). Generally in these circumstances the parent/carer will be informed as a student can put themselves at risk of moving toward an “N” determination.

Note: For medical reasons a completed Illness/Misadventure Form is required to be presented to the class teacher at the earliest possible opportunity along with the assessment task. For misadventure such as a car breakdown, etc, the onus is on the student to prove their case. If a student knows that they are going to be away on the day an assessment task is due because of illness, then a good practice is to have a responsible person deliver it to the school/teacher in the morning of the due date.

Failure to sit for an examination without a valid reason will also lead to the awarding of a zero mark. Where a student was absent from an examination due to illness or misadventure they will have to produce a completed Illness/Misadventure Form. A date will be organised for the student to then complete the examination which will in some cases involve an alternate test.

Non-serious attempts for an assessment task or examination are identified at the time of submission or marking stage. They include frivolous or objectionable material. Where the College determines that a student has not made a serious attempt, the student concerned will receive penalties ranging from a zero mark for an individual question to a zero mark for the task or exam in its entirety. In all cases the student will be asked to resubmit any assessment task or part thereof.

Students are encouraged to ensure that the class teacher signs off that they have received their assessment task on the due date (this often involves the use of the diary or the return of a submission slip as provided by the class teacher or in this handbook).

Students who do not respond to the above will not only place their external grades in jeopardy, but also their progression to Year 11.

It is incumbent on the parent/carer and the student to inform the College at the earliest possible time of any factors which may affect a student’s performance.