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All students are required to Bring Their Own Apple Mac OR Windows laptop.

Contained below are the minimum technical specifications required for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, and outlines other requirements including software and accessories.

BYOD - Requirements

N.B. It is critical that the student device support our 5 GHz wireless network (ie Dual Band Wireless capability)

Operating SystemWindows 10macOS 10.14 or higher
**Wireless 5GHz (Dual Band) 802.11n 5GHz
It is recommended that the device support 802.11ac
802.11n 5GHz
It is recommended that the device support 802.11ac
Screen Size 13” recommended 13” recommended
Storage Capacity (Minimum) 256 GB 256 GB
RAM (Minimum) 8 GB 8 GB
Battery Life (Minimum) 6 hours or more 6 hours or more
Required Accessories Protective Case/Cover
Protective Case/Cover
Antivirus Up-to-date Antivirus (eg. Microsoft Security Essentials)

Up-to-date Antivirus

(recommend Malwarebytes or Sophos for Mac)

Warranty The College recommends a 3 year Warranty or AppleCare
Backup Students are encouraged to backup their laptop (e.g. DVD or External Hard Drive, or use their unlimited Education Google Drive Storage)

Other Software Required

 Windows LaptopApple Mac Laptop
All Subjects Google Chrome, Adobe Reader


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a new Laptop?

No – so long as this laptop satisfies the requirements as listed.

I have a Windows Laptop that only has 2.4 Ghz wireless. Is there anything that I can do?

Yes. Windows laptops that only have 2.4 Ghz wireless can access our wireless network if you purchase a Dual Band mini USB Wireless adapter (2.4 and 5 Ghz). These can be purchased for as little as $24, and once the software is installed and the adapter inserted, connects to our network without issue.

I already have a Windows laptop (or Mac) – how can I find out if it supports 5 Ghz wireless?

The easiest way is to look at your laptops’ specifications to find this out. Dr Google is also useful for this. Failing this, please contact us for our help to determine this for you.

Does the Laptop have to have 802.11ac wireless?

No. 802.11n is sufficient, but 802.11ac does provide increased access speeds and is the latest wireless protocol.

Does the College have access to Adobe licensing for products like Photoshop, Premier, etc?

The College has licensing for Adobe Creative Cloud. This will enable students studying particular electives to access Adobe Creative Cloud as part of their course.

Please also note

  • All students will be supported in connecting their BYOD laptop to the College wireless, printers and other necessary resources
  • Use of BYOD laptops must comply with the College Acceptable Use Policy
  • All students will continue to pay a Technology Levy for the provision of College wide ICT services. This fee contributes to the provision of classroom hardware such as data projectors, printers, network infrastructure, and related ICT resources for student use.
  • The College, as always, endeavours to assist families in whatever way it can. Please contact me if you have particular issues or questions.
  • Whilst College Help Desk Support Staff will not able to undertake physical repairs to privately owned devices (as this would void warranty), they are always available for troubleshooting hardware and software issues through the IT Help Desk, and for general assistance of an IT nature.

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