The College operates a diverse range of learning support programs in an attempt to address the specific needs of particular students and groups of students.
In this section provides a brief overview of the key programs that operate under the auspices of the Learning Support Department or the Learning and Curriculum Coordinator.

Range of Current Programs

St John Bosco College offers a diverse range of learning support services and programs including the following. More detailed information is provided by following the links as provided:

Summary of Current Programs not detailed

Senior Mentoring Program

During term 2 and 3, the College Leadership Team and KLA Coordinators undertake a Senior Mentoring program with a group of Year 12 students. The program is designed to assist all Year 12 students to clarify their goals for the HSC and beyond, and provide ongoing support and guidance to enable them to best achieve these goals.

Transition to Work Program

The transition to work program is co-ordinated by the Careers Advisor and is designed to facilitate the transition of targeted students from school into the workplace. Year 10 and Year 11 students are primarily involved. Assistance with the development of a Curriculum Vitae and interview skills is complemented by work placement opportunities.

Life Skills Program

Targeted students in Years 7-12 may undertake a life skills program in one or more subjects as part of their Year 7-10 and Higher School Certificate studies. The provision of this ammended program can only occur under the instructions of the CEO Transition Officer.

Examination Assistance Program

A number of students avail themselves of additional assistance during examinations. The additional assistance in the form of Disability Provisions may include taking the examination in a different setting, having a reader or writer, and/or having additional time or other provisions as required. Year 12 students who have particular needs (learning, medical, physical) can apply to the Board of Studies for Disability Provisions. Applications are processed by the Learning Support Coordinator.