St John Bosco College is committed to optimising the literacy and numeracy skills of its students. To this end, additional assistance in literacy and numeracy is offered to students from Years 7 to 12.

Results from the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and school assessments are used to identify students who need to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Intervention is offered to these students through the Literacy and Numeracy Enhancement Tutorials Program. This program involves the withdrawal of students from class for additional tuition in the various components of literacy and numeracy including writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, geometry, algebra, space and measurement. These tuition sessions are conducted on a small group basis.

In addition, teachers identify Year 12 students whose knowledge base indicates the ability to access the top bands in the Higher School Certificate, but who struggle to achieve these bands due to limited literacy skills. The intervention for these students involves one-to-one tutoring.

A whole-school approach is generally adopted to combat areas of concern that are identified in literacy and numeracy. Strategies are developed for use across all Key Learning Areas and intervention for individual students is provided.

Each year, the College participates in activities for National Literacy and Numeracy Week. The aim is to increase awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy skills and to promote the application of these skills in all aspects of learning.

The continual dissemination of information related to literacy and numeracy occurs through the inservicing of the teaching staff and the printing of relevant articles in the College’s weekly newsletter for parents and students.

Every opportunity is given to students to reach high levels of competency in literacy and numeracy to enable them to communicate effectively and participate with confidence in the wider community.