St John Bosco College has a proud record for displaying genuine care for students with special needs. There is an acceptance that Special Education requires a unique form of teaching where the input and nature of the personal involvement of the teacher and support staff can make a real difference.

Meeting the needs of students in Special Education:

St John Bosco College takes pride in insisting upon genuine but pragmatic integration of students into the mainstream program and recognises that each student has different needs. We have a range of students with mild intellectual disability, some students with emotional disability, some with specific sensory, physical or mobility concerns and a wide number of students with learning difficulties.

Each student requires an I.E.P. (Individual Education Program) updated regularly which sympathetically but rationally balances their needs with requirements of the school curricula and also incorporates an acknowledgement of social and behavioural implications. Consequently, we integrate with teacher or Teacher Aide support, withdraw if necessary, and above all try to meet whatever need arises at the time it happens.

Some of the curriculum strategies used to assist students include:

  • Mainstream support of targeted students with special needs in a number of curriculum areas (English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE and TAS) from Year 7- 12.
  • Tutorials for targeted students to assist with assessment tasks, homework and organisational skills.
  • Teacher Aide support in classrooms with specific high support students.
  • Special Education support (Teacher/Teacher Assistant) in graded low ability Maths classes(Yr8-10).
  • Life Skills courses for targeted students.
  • Targeting students to access the Transition Program, which provides Year 10-12 students the opportunity to engage in Structured Work Placements.
  • Processing of Special Provisions Applications for HSC examinations.
  • Support for students in mid-year and final examinations, including provision of readers, writers, separate supervision and extra time.
  • Teacher Aide lunchtime availability for students who need help with schoolwork.
  • Ongoing identification of the special needs of students.
  • Provision of strategies to assist the special needs of identified students.
  • Transition Program for Year 6 students with special needs.