Wellbeing can be defined as ‘The state of being comfortable, healthy & happy. A good condition of existence; a state of health, happiness and prosperity’.

A healthy state of wellbeing enables young people to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve their true potential. Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to our overall health. This week students and staff were encouraged to be mindful, connect, reduce stress, socialise, reflect and improve their wellbeing. A range of activities was offered to students including morning gym and yoga sessions, live bands and performances at lunchtime, BBQ and pizza lunches, an out of uniform fundraiser, an inter-house 'it's a knockout' sports competition and a reduction in homework. It was a wonderful week full of opportunities to focus on individual and whole school wellbeing and to have fun. A big thank you to all staff and students who got involved, dressed up, organised, ran sessions, cooked and sold food, preformed, and worked hard to make this week happen. Team Bosco at its best!