St John Bosco High School was originally founded in 1978 at the initiative of the parishioners of St John Bosco Parish, Engadine, as a systemic Years 7 - 10 school under the administration of the Salesians of Don Bosco. The school is characterised by community involvement, excellent educational programs and quality pastoral care.

Bosco College 1979 aBosco College 2018

During the 1980's the school's physical structures as well as its reputation grew and developed. The founding principles community, quality education and pastoral care became embedded in the life of the school. Academic success was complemented by achievements in the fields of sport, the performing arts and community involvement.

Student numbers began to decline in the early 1990's as parents sought a continuous and unbroken secondary education for their sons and daughters. In response, the decision was taken to extend the school's educational programs to include Years 11 and 12. The school's name was changed to St John Bosco College in 1998 when the first Year 11 students were enrolled.

St John Bosco College responded dynamically to the decision to include Years 11 and 12. The new College slogan, "Academic Excellence in a Caring Environment" gave impetus to much of the development over the next few years. Core values were not compromised as the school adapted to a new reality, enrolled an increasing number of students, employed new staff and met the demands of an extended curriculum.

The introduction of the senior students has seen significant curriculum development and this impacted across all year levels. The quality pastoral care programmes for which the College had become renowned were sustained and developed to cater for the greater number of students across the increased range of age groups. Positive staff-student relationships remain a significant feature of College life. The influx of new staff to cater for the increasing student population has sparked a renewed interest in rediscovering and celebrating the Salesian Spirit that is at the foundation of the College's life.

A major building project was completed in 2002 providing the College with excellent modern facilities. 2006 saw the completion of a new classroom block, named after Fr Joseph Ciantar the Pioneer of the Salesian Mission in Engadine, and a basketball court named after former teacher Mr Chris Reichel.